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Ride or Die Podcast

Sep 27, 2018

Get ready to for your hosts to be uncomfortably seen, because if this episode happened in 2018, Ed and Harry would have a fucking podcast just like we do, on Ride or Die - S1E17 - Hell House! 

Episode Ratings: 
Waldorph: 5/5
Pru: 5/5
Things to Do Instead of Watching Supernatural: 

Waldorph: Ocean's 8

Sep 20, 2018

Roll up your raggedy gray robes and get ready to quote Gandalf because despite the fact that we (a) watched the episode (b) recorded a podcast on this episode and (c) recently re-listened to our own episode on this episode, we have almost zero memory of Ride or Die - S1E16 - Shadows!

Episode Ratings:

Waldorph: 2/5

Sep 13, 2018

Get ready to be afraid of banjos in the woods, because this week all of you nerds are coming with us on a journey into the backwater hells of Minnesota to explore how humans are the most dangerous monsters of all on Ride or Die - S1E15 - The Benders!

pisode Ratings: 
Waldorph: 4/5
Pru: 4/5
Things to Do Instead of...

Sep 6, 2018

This week, Supernatural leaves us all feeling extremely hashtag blessed by the arrival of our daddy who art in a fake Halloween collar, PRIEST DEAN, and oh yeah an utterly crushing episode about abuse, and what that nursery fire really might have meant -- all coming up on Ride or Die - S1E14 - Nightmare!