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Ride or Die Podcast

Feb 27, 2020

Get ready to get weird with bodily fluids and parts because we are getting the coven back together again on Ride or Die - S3E09 - Mallus Maleficarum

Waldorph - Practical Magic
Pru - Hocus Pocus

Feb 20, 2020

Get ready to get your feelings ripped out, just like Sam's fingernail, because this week we are celebrating Christmas Supernatural stylez: by being sad!!! on Ride or Die - S3E08 - A Very Supernatural Christmas

Feb 13, 2020

Start filing down your canines because this week we return to the world of vampyrs and our favorite existential hunting threat, Gordon, on Ride or Die - S3E7 - Fresh Blood!

Pru - Not Now I'm Reading Podcast
Waldorph - Alice, by Stacy Cordery

Feb 6, 2020

This week, Supernatural bakes a piping hot pie stuffed chock full of crows for Pru and Waldorph, imply Sam might fuck an old lady a LITTLE, and teaches bad table manners on Ride or Die - S3E06 - Red Sky at Morning

Pru - Girlfriend Reviews Youtube Channel
Waldorph - The Memory Trees, by Kali Wallace